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Embla is a business proposition for a multifaceted system that uses near future technology to allow office workers to better manage their non-productive stress. It also provides employers with a useful tool to monitor their employees wellbeing within the constraints of data protection and ethical concerns. We proposed the use of "sympathetic environments"- using IOT technology to modulate outputs such as temperature, light, scent, reprogramming of the circadian rhythm and sound according to a user's profile built up from individual biometric data gathered through a wearable. We conducted extensive research and testing to validate our ideas.

As a futures project, we examined technological and social trends and analysed weak signals relating to future working environments and the changing attitudes towards mental health, personal data protection and human augmentation.

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My Contribution

  • I designed and built a scale testing environment with IOT enabled temperature control, scent diffusion, lighting and a projection system
  • I prototyped a bluetooth enabled "works-like" wearable that tracked heart rate and skin conductance
  • I designed and built a "looks-like" wearable prototype and a mini office for visualisation purposes
  • I conducted controlled stress tests on volunteers to validate our concepts
  • I directed, filmed and edited a concept video outlining the issues we aimed to address. Available to watch here.