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Raspberry Pi


Computer Vision

  • We built an interactive robotic pet for different users to interact with and keep alive. My contribution included the aesthetic, mechanical and electronic design of the robot and its enclosure.

How it Works

Gizmo uses a webcam to track his own location and orientation and the presence of various interactive objects inside his enclosure. Once an object is moved into view by a user Gizmo will either feed, dance, kick the ping pong ball or go to sleep. His wellbeing is tracked by incrementing different variables; if he goes too long without food or sleep gizmo will die. Fortunately he can be resurrected.

gizmo gizmo

User Interactions

Gizmo formed one 30cm x 30cm "pixel" in a wall of interactive exhibits at the end of year showcase. Users successfully collaborated to keep him alive


Gizmo in Situe

Gizmo is built around a raspberry pi with an HDMI screen. His facial animations were designed in Adobe character animator and played as MP4 files. There are 2 motors to allow him to move and steer, a servo to look up and down, an amplifier and speaker to play sound files, addressable LEDs and electroluminescent wire; all packed into a form factor less than 10cm3.

Exploded View